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Skin Cancer Treatments: The New Superstar

For years we've recommended Raspberry Skin Cream as one of the better creams to use for skin cancers. Better because it didn't cause pain or other issues when using it. But now there is a much more powerful treatment that is changing our recommendation. It is testing much much stronger.

As you will know if you have been reading the rest of this site, I use energetic testing, sort of like muscle testing, to help determine what supplements are likely to be the best ones to use. When I did this for skin cancer treatments, there was one combination that was clearly the winner. But first, here are some test results.

This is a comparative, open ended scale where a score of 300 indicates a good product, over 500 is very good, and in general, the higher the score, the better the results will be.

Two topical treatments tested at 380. The popular eggplant extract cream and an relatively unknown Melatonin Pleolyposome that gets melatonin into the skin cancer. (Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant.)

A bit stronger is the Raspberry Skin Cream that used to by my top recommendation, partly because for years we have heard of such good feedback on it. As does a honey and grape seed extract cream.

The popular Black Salve tested at 610. It unquestionably has been the strongest of the usual skin creams for skin cancer. I was not recommending it because it causes a good deal of pain and can be very harsh.

Now, testing much stronger, is a unique combination of two products that work in a very unique way to deal with skin cancers and just about every other type of skin issue, pre-cancerous spots, age spots, moles, warts, acne. It tests at 3600, much much stronger.

The first product in this combo is SkinCanHeal 1. It uses glucose to drive a highly acidic compound into cells, especially cancer cells. This acidity alone is enough to kill cancer cells, destroy viruses and bacteria. And it gets better.

Ten minutes later you put on SkinCanHeal 2 gel. This is a highly alkaline gel supplying OH water in a gel form. SkinCanHeal 2 rapidly changes the cells from being highly acidic, thanks to SkinCanHeal, to be highly alkaline. This rapid change causes a great shock to the cancer cells. This shock is much harder for cancer cells to handle than healthy cells, so they literally die from the shock.

Better still, SkinCanHeal 2 gel, by increasing pH in the area, causes oxygen to flood into the area. This oxygenation will also work to knock out cancer cells. In addition, this is very healing to the skin.

A similar combination that has been used successfully by a small clinic for skin cancers for years. This combination is a more powerful version recently developed. Already we are hearing stories of success.

One 93 year old man is putting it on a hard dark spot of skin cancer on his face. In three weeks he popped off the hard spot and there was skin healing underneath.

And Bill writes: "I have been using these 2 products (Skin Can Heal and SkinCanHeal 2) for 6 days now on 4 spots. The primary one, and the reason I am doing this, is a nondescript red spot on my left cheek. It was and is about the size of a pencil eraser. I noticed it about 4 months ago and it was bleeding just a little. I tried all kinds of treatments including ZonOx but the spot never healed. I have been applying the two products now for 6 days about six times a day. The spot on my cheek immediately stung and itched after applying each remedy so I knew something was happening. The stinging and inching went away after about 5 minutes. The spot on my cheek looks better today but has not healed. There is still a very small scab in the center, but again it looks better. I will continue the 6 daily applications until the spot is gone.

The other three spots did not react for the first 4 or 5 days. Then they itched a little after applying the 2 remedies. I have not seen any significant change in these spots after 6 days of applying the remedies 5 or 6 times a day. Two of the spots are smaller than a pencil eraser and the 3rd is about the size of a large ball point pen tip.

In addition to those external remedies I am also taking Immune Force and pHenOH. I think it wise to keep the immune system engaged.

I also decided, at her urging, to let my wife use the SkinCanHeal 2 on a couple of her age spots. After 5 days it looks like those age spots are getting lighter! Of course, that makes her and me very happy."

After 3 weeks of use Bill writes:

"The spot on my cheek for which I was originally seeking help has all but disappeared. There is still a small pin sized blood spot present. When I apply the 2 remedies, there is still a little stinging and itching so I believe that there is still some healing to be done. The small spot on my forehead has almost disappeared. Again there is a little stinging and itching when I apply the remedies so there is probably a little more healing needed. The other two spots are very light in color so I know that healing is happening. Again because there is still a little stinging and itching I believe there is more healing to be done.

Because of these successes, I am applying the remedies to other spots. I have a skin tag on my forehead that was not very big but I have tried many things to remove it. I was even thinking of freezing it and cutting it off, but I did not do that. So about a week ago I tried the 2 remedies on the skin tag. After 7 days it has shank down to almost nothing! You would have to know it was there to see anything today.

Now for my wife! Her age spots continue to get lighter and disappear. Today she told me about a suspicious small bump on the inside of her bottom lip. She has been putting the remedies on the outside of the problem area and she says that the bump has shrunk to about ¼ its original size! Needless to say, she is extremely happy about this bump being reduced in size.

So we can say that after 3 weeks many different kinds of skin problems are helped by these remedies.

Now as an aside and more to the SkinCanHeal. I have a pain (scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest pain, it has been a 2 or 3) in my left side that was most probably caused by excessive exercise (Yes at 72, I still get carried away as if I were still 22!) I have seen doctors, undergone physical therapy, had a CAT scan — all to no avail. The conclusion is that there is some kind of injury/inflammation at a place that keeps getting re-injured or irritated just by daily activity. So since I believe that inflammation is acidic, I have been applying SkinCanHeal 2 to the area up to 10 or more times per day. I notice the stinging for the first 5 minutes or so after applying it. But the pain is better so I think that the SkinCanHeal 2 is helping it. Now if the pain is something other that an injury caused by exercising too vigorously, the SkinCanHeal 2 is helping. I will keep you posted on this. Since I am using more and more of the SkinCanHeal 2, I just ordered 3 more bottles!"


And another from Charles in Sherwood, AR

"Thank You very much for answering my email....
I have tried "everything" you can think of to treat this lesion on side of my face, after trying everything under the sun including Curaderm I came across your web site and ordered some Raspberry creme.. They helped a little but just did not give me the results I wanted.

I wrote get healthy again and told them about my problem and they were so kind as to send me a bottle of AlkaIoh to try. I started noticing slight improvements within a week or so and continued using it.

I was on your website and read about the combo deal and how both worked together to really heal lesions... Well to make a long story short I ordered the combo kit and am amazed and how much it has helped, I spent a LOT on the Curaderm creme and it helped a little BUT the combo kit from you Really started the healing process going into high gear.. I am confident that the second combo kit will completely cure the lesion. Thanks for being so VERY kind to me. God Bless You,"

Charles B. July 2015

If you would like to use a less expensive skin cancer cream, read about our original suggestions below.

Click here to go to ghastore.com to learn more about this SkinCanHeal 1 and 2 combo, and to order it.

If you would like to use a less expensive skin cancer cream, read about our original suggestions below. They work well, though nothing touches the SkinCanHeal 1 and 2 combo.

Raspberry Skin Cream gets rid of skin cancers...

Naturally, and with no pain or scarring..
One of the world's "state of the art" skin creams.

Energetics for Cancer
Skin Cancer Treatment -
A Melanoma Spot

The first thing I ask about any product I investigate is what the ingredients are, and what they do. But I didn't know the ingredients in this skin cream other than they were natural and safe. I had been working on a spot of skin cancer on my face, was getting nowhere, so it was worth a try as a skin cancer treatment...

Now, of course, it's a different story. We know the ingredients, and we even know that the skin cream is used as a skin cancer treatment at some cancer clinics throughout the world. Safe, natural and effective, a winning combination.

Here's my situation when I got started.

A few weeks earlier my wife had finally pushed me enough to get me to go to the doctor to get a spot on my face looked at to see if it was cancer. It didn't take long. One look was enough. It was. Fortunately, just your typical, slow growing, not very dangerous type of skin cancer. The doc told me to make an appointment to get it taken off. I wasn't thrilled about that. Painful, leaves a scar, and costs more then I'd like to spend.

So, as I know a bit about cancer, I thought I'd first check out that black salve I had heard about for years. And I did. The results using it were impressive. It worked fast and got the job done. However, there were two major drawbacks in my mind.

  1. It is painful.
  2. It leaves a scar.

Well, it was my face, and would be my pain, so I decided to wait a bit and try some things on my own first. So I was dabbing away with this and that and getting nowhere, and things were starting to get warm. I could tell my wife was about ready to take me down to see that surgeon if that spot didn't start shrinking. So when someone mentioned Raspberry Skin Cream to me and how great it worked as a skin cancer treatment, I immediately got on the phone to learn more about it.

Bill told me that he had had a bit of skin cancer on a nipple, so he started putting it on that bump morning, noon and night. He has a device that measures the energetic level of a skin cancer. The higher the level, the more active the skin cancer was. I didn't know how that thing worked, but I could understand that the more active a skin cancer was, the higher the reading would be. Well, at least I was open to the concept.

As he was trying this out, Bill decided to measure his skin cancer's energy level. The energy level was 80 the day he started putting Raspberry Skin Cream on the cancer. The very next day that cancer's energy level was down to 30. And the day after it measured 0, zip, no more energy in that cancer. Who knows if that device really works? I don't. But two weeks later his cancer dropped off, so I knew the cream worked.

Another man he knew tried it out on a spot on his back the size of a silver dollar and about 1/4 inch thick. After a few weeks of using Raspberry Skin Cream as a skin cancer treatment, his cancer was down to the size of a fifty cent piece and only 1/8 inch thick. I asked him how it worked on serious melanomas. He said people were seeing improvement in those cases too, but it was too early to tell if it would take care of them on its own...

(Of course, you wouldn't want to fight a melanoma only using a cream. After all, it is in your body, and you need to hit it with nutrients internally too.)

Raspberry Skin Cream ingredients are at the cutting edge of effectiveness and safety. It contains:

  • Meeker Red Raspberry Extract containing ellagitannins from the raspberry seed.
  • Ascorbyl palmitate and allantoin: tissue rebuilders that help eliminate wrinkles and rebuild tissue.
  • Three moisturizers maintain skin suppleness.
  • Linoleic esters: patented topical anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant which reverses sun-damage caused by sunburn.
  • Oat protein: natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-itch.

What isn't in the cream that is in most creams?

  • Mineral oil - mineral oil clogs pores.
  • Diazolidinyl urea - formaldehyde producing preservative.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (sls) - questionable toxicity.
  • Propylene glycol - processing aid which adds nothing for the skin.

By the way, I decided to take Seasonal Rescue internally too as it makes sense to attack whatever was causing my skin cancer from the inside out too.

Within a week or two of using Raspberry Skin Cream as a skin cancer treatment, I could see my cancer starting to shrink. And it continued to shrink until it eventually went away. I am quite pleased. It is not fast as it took months for my particular spot to disappear. But... No pain. No scarring. A natural skin cancer treatment

I did learn something about how to use it. Rub it in several times a day. Works faster than the dabbing on I was doing at first. Now I'm using it on several possibly precancerous spots that have been coming out on my face and it is working well on those too.

From my experience and from what I have heard, it works very well on precancerous spots, moles, and most any skin condition. My mother uses it as a face cream as it has done a great job on her wrinkles.

Testimonies From Satisfied Users

"This product is amazing! I had what my dermatologist called, a "picker" on my scalp. No matter what she did (froze it, put cream on it), it would always come back since my hand would gravitate to that spot. Since using your raspberry cream, it has disappeared! I am going to bring this to her office and let her know what a great product this is! Thanks!"

Kathy R.

"I usually have a visceral feeling about a product before I purchase it so am prepared for it to work in advance. I did a lot of research and when I found your Raspberry Creme and it's reported results I had that feeling. I am happy to say I was not wrong. It worked! I had two mysterious 'lumps' on my arm and chest, the one on my arm was an age spot that had turned red and swollen. I began the application as soon as the product arrived and have been using it three or four times a day since. The small lump on my chest disappeared within two weeks, the age spot on my arm has taken the entire month to reduce from the size of a small marble (maybe 12 centimeters) to no lump and just a dry flaky surface. I am really amazed and feel these spots are like a barometer for the aging condition. I am 64 and a healthy vegetarian for 14 years, these spots alarmed me and I am keeping watch."

Jan P.

“Just a note to tell you how fabulous your raspberry cream is. I am 56 years old and have noticed small warts, red spots and dry pre-cancerous areas on my face. After using this product, within three weeks these areas are clear. I shared half the jar with my father, who HAD a dark pea-sized cancerous spot on his cheek for about five years. The dark scab is gone and the area is clearing. This product is wonderful and I wanted to share that with you. Thank you.”

Sharon W.

"Hi Robert,
I love your Raspberry Cream. I have now used almost one entire jar and have seen a remarkable difference in my skin, especially the diminishing age spots. I have had a very dark spot under my eye for years and everyone always asked me if I have a black eye! It is almost GONE!
Thank you for this wonderful cream. I am giving it to my friends as gifts. It is not only a great product but also very affordable. Blessings,"

Shelley Chase

"Your creme has seemingly taken the skin cancer off my nose, layer by layer. Can I use this also as a preventative?"

Christine S. (Yes you can.)

“So I have used your cream and have had good results with it, I have had a clean face for 5 months. So far it working, My wife is using it now to. If we have a mark or pimple or something, we put it on, I use it every day, covering my face where I have had trouble. It worked. We would clear up and all's good. Thank you.”

John W.

"This will be the second jar of this cream that I've purchased, and the reason I'm getting another jar is because I've been pleased with the results so far. It would take too much time and space to tell you in detail about the conditions that I've been treating with this cream, but I've had a number of different kinds of skin eruptions/rashes/growths. The cream seems to be helping to diminish the size of nearly every one of them, and I'm hoping it will eliminate them altogether by the time I finish with the second jar. Blessings to you for producing and making available this product."

Dolores W.

"I have been using the raspberry skin cream for several months on the tip of my nose. I had a basal cell cancer that has been treated twice and they told me it was coming back again. They recommended a forehead flap for definitive treatment. If you know what that procedure is, you know it is A BIG DEAL. I could not see myself doing it so I got the cream. Except for the previous surgical scars, the skin on my nose is now SMOOTH with no sign of any lesion. The last biopsy showed NO CANCER CELLS! I plan to continue using the wonderful cream."

Donna C.

The bottle goes a long way. Kept refrigerated once it's opened if it is hot out. Otherwise its fine to keep unrefrigerated. Rub it in several times a day. Ingredients: DI Water, Finsolv/Raspberry, Glycerine, Hepes linoleate (anti-inflammatory), Pheonip (preservative), Oat Protein, Carbopol 940, Protachem SMO (emulsifier), Premulen TR-1 (thickener), Red Ripened Raspberry Fragrance, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Versene NA, Allantoin, Biomodulan.

The Raspberry Skin Cream has as you can see, a long history of success with skin cancers treatment. However there are a couple of other products without as long a history which may be even more powerful. If you are fighting a tough skin cancer or just want to hit what you are dealing with even harder consider adding on either or both of the following.

If you have a serious skin cancer, do more than just rubbing the cream on the cancer day and night. And you could certainly decide to do more even if you have a slow growing skin cancer.

"I have been taking an assortment of your drugs for 5 weeks now and when I went for my check-last week my surgeon was amazed. I have had skin cancer - malignant melanoma - for 13 years and just in the last 6 months have had over 18 lumps removed from my left thigh. Since my last op. in March this year when I had 7 lumps removed I had got another 3 lumps and decided that I needed to do something other than surgery before my next check-up. I ordered various treatments from you and took several at therapeutic levels and when I saw my surgeon this week all 3 lumps have gone!! Praise the Lord. All my surgeon could say was ' whatever it is you are doing, just keep on doing it'"

Margaret H.

You are not going to find this cream at your local pharmacy or health food store. It is too new and unknown. One online store that has Raspberry Skin Creams is GHAstore.com

Click here to go to ghastore.com
to read about these and their other products.

And don't forget, if your skin cancer or melanoma is serious, you need to be taking other products internally to support your skin cancer treatment. Click here to go to the protocol of supplements to use for melanoma.

By the way, if you know anyone using tanning beds you might want to let them know they are increasing their risk of getting the most serious skin cancer...

According to an Oct. 15 Associated Press article, an 8-year study of more than 100,000 Scandinavian women between 30 and 50 yielded an undeniable correlation between regular artificial tanning and the incidence of melanoma. Among the studies' shocking (to the medical establishment, not me) findings were these:

    • Women over 30 who salon-tanned once a month or more
      increased their risk of developing melanoma by 55%.
    • Women under 30 who UV-baked once monthly saw their likelihood
      of developing melanoma skyrocket by approximately 150%!
    • The risks were identical for women of similar age regardless
      of hair color - a factor some in the mainstream deem significant
      in determining melanoma risk.

William Campbell Douglass II, MD points out that exposure to sunlight doesn't actually cause skin cancer. That actually a lack of sunlight can lead to skin cancer because that lack leads to a vitamin D deficiency.

He points out that "Scientists from the National Institute of Health have recently concluded that our nation is currently in the midst of a Vitamin D deficiency crisis that's likely leading to skyrocketing rates of all kinds of diseases - from rickets and osteoporosis to diabetes, heart disease and many common cancers."

How much vitamin D to take a day for skin cancer treatment? The latest reports I am reading suggest taking as much as 5000 units a day. 30,000 or more units a day can be done for short periods of time for therapeutic use. GHAstore.com carries an highly absorbed emulsified vitamin D Forte that is much better utilized then the vitamin D you find in the health food store. Each drop contains 2000 units and there are 600 drops in a bottle.