Updated on August 9, 2023 4:14 PM

11 Resources

To Help Your Battle Against Cancer

  1. Get Healthy Again 
    An excellent and helpful online store specializing in effective immune support supplements.  It carries most of the supplements recommended on this site.  Their staff can answer questions you may have about supplements, and can help you figure out how to use the products you get.

  2. Call them at: 1 800-832-9755 or 1 616-719-1376

    Order products here: www.gethealthyagain.com

  3. Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE)

    This is a high consciousness energy sent to your home or to your cellphone. It may give a sense of calm, stimulate healing, mitigate EMF's and more. In all our testing, no energetic service has tested as strong as FLFE. Perhaps most important is its ability to protect you from many of the effects of EMFs (including Wifi and 5G). Now that 5G is so widespread, with the subtle amount of inflammation it causes in your body, FLFE is especially valuable. (Cancer is an inflammatory disease.) We test that it will turn 5G into something healthy, mitigating the harmful effects of 5G. FLFE has a step-down version where you can mitigate all EMFs, including 5G, and get Enhanced Immune Support 2.0, Brain Optimization, GI Tract and Energized Food with Smarter EMF — without having to get the full program.

    Free 15 day trial. FLFEfreeTrial.com

  4. For well over a decade we have researched and energetically tested structured water and / or devices that make structured water. There is device that stand out in the testing, coming in at 3600 in healing power. It swirls water in a way that creates a structure in the water. We test that this enables the water to detoxify better than regular water can, to oxygenate cells, to hydrate cells better, to get more nutrients into cells, and to literally give the cells higher energy. Most importantly, it can help the top cancer fighters in the protocols work better...

    It is recommended that Alka Super C, Silver GlucoPlus and MetOH be used with distilled water. There are slight to major decreases in effectiveness if using other types of water. If 100 represents the effectiveness of Alka Super C when using distilled water, RO water tests 98, charcoal or ceramic filtered water tests 90, tap water tests a poor 75. However, if you put tap water through a Mayu Swirl, and use that water to mix in Alka Super C, effectiveness testing increases to 112. This is 12% better than using distilled water and 50% better than using tap water. Swirling filtered water tests 113. Swirling RO water tests 114. Distilled water 115. For this increase in effectiveness alone, the Mayu Swirl is well worth getting. Use Swirl code GHA15 for a 15% discount.

    Click Here for the Mayu Swirl.

  5. The Best Carb To Eat If You Have Cancer

    Cancer cells have many times the amount of insulin receptors as do normal cells. So when you eat carbs, a cancer cell will uptake much more of the carb than a healthy cell. It is their favorite food. However, there is one carb that does not feed cancer cells many times more than healthy cells. It may not even feed cancer cells at all if our testing is correct... It is a patented, specially processed non-gmo corn starch that produces a slow sustained glucose release. It is most often used an an energy boost for workouts. What makes is so valuable as a carbohydrate source if you have cancer is this. It does not use insulin receptors to get into cells. So it will not feed cancer cells significantly, it at all. It absorbs directly into cells and does not require energy to digest. In our energetic testing, it is a strong 4700 when you have cancer. This is because your body can do a better job of dealing with cancer when it has more energy. And it gives you a source of carbs and energy that does not significantly feed cancer cells. If you just cut out carbs, your body goes into a stress response and your immune system is partially shut down. Not what you want when fighting cancer.

    It is especially valuable for someone in poor shape with very low energy because it so so easily absorbed into cells in a slow, sustained way. It energetically tests as being one of the more valuable supplements that someone with poor energy, or with end stage cancer, can use, coming in at 8300. We have even heard stories where people nauseous from chemo, who could not eat anything else, found they could eat this. It even helped their stomach feel better. As such, we highly recommend this...

    In general, when someone has cancer, 4 servings a day, whether it is a powder mixed in a shake, a bar, or even a gel, tests as being optimal. For someone weak and in poor shape with cancer, 8 servings a day tests optimal. This is a lot, but it may make a huge difference in quality of life and energy levels. And help to better deal with cancer, or chemo.

    Click here to give this patented, specially processed non-gmo corn starch a try. You will get 10% off. (it is also great if you have fatigue or blood sugar issues in general.) This company only mentions thise starch's support for working out and exercise. But don't be fooled, the way this starch works, it will be great for helping you if you have cancer, diabetes, adrenal fatigue, or are just weak and tired. The weaker you are, the more valuable it is...

  6. Enliven has been built for anyone battling cancer and for the loved ones supporting them. It provides support that runs much deeper than just the physical. Connect with other cancer patients. Share experiences. Educate yourself on how to best support the battle against cancer. Learn how to control emotional aspects of your journey, breath new life into it, and much, much more.

    Learn more about Enliven here.

  7. With a tough case of cancer, well, actually with any cancer at all, it never hurts to get a really good traditional energy healer to work on you. Michael Limacher is one of the best. He's been healing for 60 years, having the gift as a child. With some of the people he has worked on, long distance or in person, their cancers just disappeared. If you have an interest in him working with you long distance, give Michael a call at: 907 299-5508

    Throughout his 60 years of helping others, Michael has often donated his time helping the poor in need. However, for those who can afford to support his work, it's greatly appreciated.

    His website is http://threecircle.org

    P.O. Box 3001 Homer, AK 99603. Suggested donation is $125.

  8. Jenny Mannion is an energetic healer that rates strong in our testing. If you are ill, her energetic property clearing may be of significant benefit to you. She has found this property clearing to be very useful where there are health issues that someone in the house is dealing with.

    Learn more about Jenny's property clearing...

  9. The Institute for Responsible Technology will teach you more about the dangers of Genetically Modified foods -- and why you want to avoid them. They will cause many cancers if their use becomes more widespread. Read about the two year study where rats were fed only genetically modified food and developed tumors, huge tumors.

  10. EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, has a great deal of scientific research behind it showing that it is one of the best ways to deal with issues, even from early childhood, that cause stress and emotional upset.

    These emotional stress patterns can, as you read, cause cancer. The basics of EFT can be easily learned. However with a life threatening situation like cancer, it would be best to first use a professional who will be more likely to uncover the issues that helped the cancer develop, and to be able to eliminate them for you.

    A good practitioner to help you with this work is Alina Frank or her husband Craig Weiner. They both practice an advanced form of EFT called Matrix Reimprinting which supercharges the effects of EFT. They can work long distance with you, over the phone.

    Learn more about EFT and Matrix Reimprinting at Alina's site, www.tapyourpower.net  

    You can schedule a free 15 minute consult with her or Craig. Free information is also available on her site on how to do the basics yourself.

  11. As part of changing to an anti-cancer lifestyle, using non toxic shampoo and hair care products is valuable. Even shampoos labeled organic can contain toxins and chemicals. An excellent source of high quality yet non-toxic hair care products are the Morocco Method products. You won't find any chemicals listed in their list of ingredients. Low sudsing, and they work very very well. Click Here to learn more about these top of the line products, and to order if you like.

  12. The Sedona Method teaches you, and has taught people for 3 decades, how to release and let go of stress, problems, and more. Most appropriate to learn when dealing with cancer or loved ones with cancer.